Message from Rob Jones

When I first considered joining the group, I knew I was going to have an opportunity to positively impact the mentee I was paired with because of the things I’ve learned in life along the way.  What I couldn’t predict was the positive impact I would have on the families overall.  Through mentoring I have been able to bridge the communication gaps that often exist between a mother and a teenage son.  Being able to share a perspective that resonated with both the mentees and their parents lended itself towards healing what was a fractured family.

I have been able to build confidence in my mentees and offset some of the hurt a young man feels from the absence of a father.  Our programs work and we are focused on the right things: Mentoring, Education, Health & Wellness, Economic Empowerment and Leadership Development.  By equipping our youth with these tools, we are setting them up for long term, sustainable success.  What they see is what they will be is more than just our motto.  It is a way of life that I try to live with every interaction.  Our motto makes me think about everything I do and how my mentees will see it.

Without putting in a lot of thought into it, my response would be ” It means I did thing the right way and someone noticed.”  On the surface, but if I had to go deeper, I would say “I was truly honored and humbled.”  When I think about the fact that I grew up like a lot of the young men in our program, longing to have a relationship with my father.  Now to be recognized as someone who lives the value of this organization to the extent that I received this prestigious award really lets me know that God has brought me full circle.

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